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About Us

Berry Freeze opened in October 2009 after friends tossed around the idea of offering healthy frozen treats at affordable prices (doesn't everything feel expensive these days?) while creating a fun and environmentally friendly atmosphere by allowing customers to make their own frozen yogurt masterpiece and customized fruit smoothies.

Our Mission

Our mission at Berry Freeze is to promote a healthier lifestyle for ourselves, our environment and have FUN. What makes us unique is the combination of our commitment to customer service, environmentally friendly store (we are in the process of obtaining LEED Certification) and offering high quality products that are wallet-friendly (how does $3.00 for frozen yogurt and 5 different types of toppings sound to you?). The best part about Berry Freeze is that fro-yo lovers can create their own dessert masterpiece and control how much they spend! By the way, there is no shame in getting a second or third helping; this is quite common actually. Try doing that with ice cream!

Our Smoothies and Frozen Yogurt

Our Probiotic Fruit Smoothies are not only delicious and all natural with real fruits (no fruit puree and no additional sugar or water added), but also very healthy as they are made with our non-fat frozen yogurt which contain the Live and Active Cultures.

Our Frozen Yogurt is home-made and flavors rotate every 2-4 weeks allowing everyone to try something new every month. Our Frozen Yogurt is always carefully made and contain Live and Active Cultures which provide many health benefits such as improving the digestive and immune system.

Our Promise

Our promise to every Berry Freeze Fan (BFF) is to always work on improving our customer experience and we need your help to do so! If you have any suggestions for our products, customer service, marketing, store design, or anything else you can think of, please let us know in person or by sending us feedback. We look forward to serving you one of our delicious fruit smoothies and checking out your self-swirled yogurt masterpiece.